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How to make MOMO


Delicious things come in small packages. Case in point, the healthy little momo that makes for a mouthful of yummy. Tasty and easy-to-make has permanently placed the momo in the bookmarked pages of our cook book. And now, we are sharing the recipe with you.


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How to make Schabalep


Incredibly delicious, shapale — Tibetan “meat bread” — are hot, savory, juicy meat pies.

Like momos, shapale (also written as shapaley or sha balep) are widely loved in the Tibetan community, and will be the first to go at any Tibetan potluck gathering. Some people in Central Tibet eat them for breakfast, but they are more typically served with lunch or dinner, often with a basic rutang soup. In Tibet, the most common meat would be yak meat, which is a bit leaner and stronger tasting than beef, but in exile you will usually find them made from beef or veggies. (You can learn to make the veggie ones from our Tibetan Home Cooking.) You won’t be sorry you went to the effort to make these!

How to make Thenthuk


Thenthuk is a typical Tibetan noodle soup that keeps the nomads warm during the long Tibetan winters.You can make it either with vegetables or meat. In Tibetan “then” means pull and “thuk” means noodles.

Spicy hotpot Tibetan, Mongolian and north Asia


This spicy Asian soup is great for a dinner party - guests choose what goes into their soup, then ladle over the spicy broth. Make sure you have separate utensils for your guests to use to transfer the raw ingredients into the stockpot, and clean utensils for eating - this reduces the chance of cross contamination from the raw ingredients and your guests' serving plates.

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